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Drummonds buy all kinds of jewelry, diamonds, gold, silver and watches and coins. Bring in your jewelry for an assessment, it’s free and takes only a few minutes. We can answer any questions you have and will generally make an offer on pieces we are interested in at that time. Everything is done right in front of you including weighing your metals, if any. We will sort your jewelry into groups based on the karat metal composition. We can generally return any stones from scrap jewelry that you might want on the spot. An appointment is not needed though we do ask for you to phone/message us if you have a large amount of jewelry or coins. The below list is not inclusive, if there is something you’d like to sell or have a question, feel free to call. There is never any obligation to sell. If you would like an assessment and offer, free of charge, just bring in your jewelry. That’s it, it’s simple. Please understand we cannot make assessments or offers over the phone, we must see it to buy it!


We buy all types, from 9kt to 24kt and all those in between, with stones or without. If you aren’t sure what the karat is of your pieces we will be happy to test it for you free of charge. We also buy sterling and platinum jewelry. We buy both intact and broken jewelry as well as anything that might be considered scrap.


We buy diamonds in all sizes and shapes. If you stone is previously appraised and/or has a certification we ask that you bring that paperwork with you. Prices fluctuate based on color, cut, carat weight and clarity. These are things we can usually assess in store at the time that you bring them in.


We buy watches, both new and used. Generally speaking we buy higher end pieces such as Tag Heuer, Rolex, Cartier, Tiffany and Company to name a few. We do not buy timex, fossil or casio. If you are unsure please give us a call. We also buy old pocket watches.

Coins & Bars

We purchase silver and gold coins and bars. Please see our coins page for more information



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