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Many times I will wait on a customer who will ask me to clean her jewelry. The very first thing I do is a close inspection of the piece to ensure there are no missing stones, prongs or breaks and in numerous cases there is damage the customer is not aware of. There have even been cases where dirt was holding in a diamond! The inspection process is very important as it can lead to saving an even more costly repair.

$50 spent fixing prongs can mean not having to replace a diamond that falls out. Prongs serve another purpose as they protect the stone from damage. Diamonds can break and chip. Though they are the hardest mineral on earth they only rate as “good” in toughness. Jade is in fact a more durable stone and less likely to chip.

We warranty our items for one year and do not make inspections of your purchased items mandatory. However it is in your best interest to bring them by from time to time for a complimentary inspection and cleaning. Who knows, you might even find something new and exciting in our cases!



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