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The phenomena pf people selling gold and silver saw a huge upswing in 2008 during the housing crisis. It really came down to necessity; folks needed to pay bills and the corresponding metals markets saw the biggest price increase in history. We here at Drummond’s actually changed our business model to be able to buy larger amounts of metals, something we had always done since we opened. The sheer volume of items coming in meant we had to be able to buy whatever came through the door. Our customers asked for a safe and reliable place to sell and we responded. Though it seems the economy has improved and metal prices have adjusted down we still continue to buy record amounts of gold and silver jewelry, bars and coins.

There is a huge advantage to selling metals at a jewelry store over a pawn shop. There are many times when I will find a piece of jewelry in a customer’s scrap box that is actually good for resale. We always pay fair market on those items as opposed to melting them down which generally means a lesser amount. We have also been buying metals for 15 years and our experience in this field means accuracy, always an important factor when buying valuables. Finally Drummond’s offers coin grading and buying services. I know of no other jeweler who does this. We can assess single coins of whole collections and have seen some really interesting items come through.



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